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My bloodline. (the jacket)

My bloodline. (the jacket)

Adventure with Confidence. 


"My bloodline is louder than adversity." 


Behind the Statement: 

Some days aren't as easy as others. Some days we're reminded that it takes will and determination to survive and persevere. Sir Charles Darwin had a phrase for it: "Survival of the fittest." It means that if you're here, then it's because you come from a long line of people who made it through those days and thrived. This jacket is for those who remember that bloodline on days full of adversity. 


Jacket Composition: 

Lightweight, breathable shell material. Mesh liner. Easy to layer for colder climates, and flexible for warmer climates. 

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$51.00 Regular Price
$30.60Sale Price
Color: Zambian Sandalwood

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