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Prajekt Intl (pronounced 'project international') is a Black Owned lifestyle brand, inspired by adventure and global community.

We’re for the culture. One of the pillars of that culture, which doesn’t get as much attention as it should, is this spirit of exploration and journey. Folks have been daring trailblazers for years, we don’t hear about that side as much, but it’s there. And it’s indispensable to the make-up of the culture. Our goal is to equip and encourage those explorers to travel well. To provide them with the means to be their authentic selves with reliable, functional and durable material, wherever they decide to venture.

When they’ve got that, it becomes easy for them to Adventure with Confidence. We believe that when you’re confident in your adventure, you’re brave and it becomes much easier to connect with the world around you; much easier to connect with those people from far and foreign places to you. Whether you’ve traveled with the homies or not, when you adventure this way, you find them everywhere.

Hilltops to valleys, waterfronts to summits, wilding rivers to serene pools, pyramids to castles, grand prix to old globes, catamarans to famous towers. If you’re an adventurer like us, then we got you.
Don’t settle for life in a bubble. See the world we share. Get out and go, be you ​while you do.


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